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Helping Leadership and Upper Management Thrive in an Uncertain Future
with Timely Insights and Training to Fuel Forward-Thinking Organisations

While there is no such thing as “knowing the future” nothing is more important to the future success of your organisation than the future-readiness and foresight of your upper management, C-Level executives, and board members. Every captain needs a compass, especially in these uncertain times.

And Gerd can be that guiding force for your company’s senior leadership (as he has been for dozens of the world’s leading companies: see a small subset below), helping your best people navigate massive societal and technological changes and arming them with the skills and insights needed to not only survive, but to thrive in the upcoming megashifts poised to disrupt the world as we know it.

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Every month, you receive a tailored deep dive video presentation on the most-pressing industry or technological trend facing enterprises and organisations today; with forecasts of what to expect, recommendations for the future, and insights for your company’s leaders to take with them into the organisation and their respective teams.

Imagine a real-time, monthly boost for your executive team with a strong emphasis on the future of your specific industry and real-world examples propelling every key decision they make to catalyze a Future Mindset in your organisation.


Your leaders don’t have time to keep up with the latest technological developments and economic trends, but Gerd does. It’s his 24/7 job.

And let’s face it, exponential change  in computing and artificial intelligence, infrastructure, energy, computing, international trade and geopolitics… you name it. There are dozens of seismic shifts poised to power (or crush) your organisation. Especially if you are not prepared for them – which often requires way too much time.

Quite simply, Gerd’s future-oriented leadership program is the most effective way we’ve found to empower organisations and decision makers in navigating uncertain times and creating lasting, dynamic enterprises.

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